Todmorden Sonnets Edition 3

Sonnets On The Theme
"Parodies Of Songs"

Your Greatest Fan.

All that I am, is to be here for you.
All that I was, was to find and love you.
It, somehow, feels within me integral.
What was to be my destiny, come true.

I don’t know how, you have accepted me.
I don’t know why, you’ve given of yourself.
I’ve been buoyed by your love’s intensity.
Loved its integrity. There, for myself.

And so this is an honest rendition.
Explaining to you my clear intention.
I want it, so it is my decision.
To be from each other, an extension.

All that I ever was. All that I am,
is to be here for you. Your greatest fan.


Should I care if the words get in the way?
If I speak, what’s the most that I should say?
What if my words don’t come out the right way,
would she still understand me, anyway?

Should I sing a serenade I make up?
Carouse with words off the top of my head?
What if, with mockery, she interrupts,
and says what I’m saying should not be said?

What if a poem I find, I recite?
About love, but perhaps sentimental.
What if it does not meet with her delight?
and it ends up losing its potential.

May find that my words just get in the way,
when she feels she knows what I want to say.

‘Fit’. Rap Song.

Work it. Work it. Lay it down as work it.
As fast as you can around the circuit.
This ain’t no good time for you to shirk it.
You know as you do it, it is worth it.

Work it. You got to work it. Ain’t perfect,
but moving your body you alert it.
It will have a particular effect.
And once you get the good, won’t reverse it.

Gonna work it. Gotta work it. Become
a fitter, better, much stronger person.
Faster one too, if work it with a run.
And dance moves in the club, my own version.

So, work it. Work it. Join me and work it.
We’ll keep on going around the circuit.

Love in the Dark.

I don’t want to close my eyes, and not see.
’ don’t want affection with dark glasses on.
’ do not see it as satisfactory
to make love in the dark. It feels all wrong.

I want to hear what it is that’s expressed.
’ don’t want distraction from phone or TV,
or earphones still on, when we are undressed.
That extra noise a tuning out for me.

When we make love I want my heart intact,
and not to have been carelessly broken.
Longing, yearning, need. True love as a fact.
Feeling, for real, tenderness unspoken.

These may seem to be demands that are stark.
See, I don’t want to make love in the dark.


Hard to believe what women like these days.
I don’t really understand it at all.
I see a street full of lovely ladies
and with them all is a neanderthal.

There go women looking so beautiful.
Heart stopping. Each one I want to recall.
Then, by their side – I think it’s terrible –
a guy, can only call Neanderthal.

All those great looking girls with stone age men.
It does not seem at all reasonable.
What they see in them takes imagining.
All of those cave men made respectable.

If to get a girl who’s delectable,
that’s what it takes, I’ll be neanderthal.

All Shook Up.

Snake alive, that’s some sort of thrill I got,
buzzin’ like a bee ’round a honey pot.
I’ve gotta say that I think that you’re hot.
I’m in Love, and am all shook up … a lot.

Yeah, yeah. Oh, yeah, yeah. All shook up … a lot.
When caught sight of you what a thrill I got.
What being steady is like, I forgot.
So, askin’ if you’ll be my buttercup.

I’m in Love. All shook up. It’s not discrete.
My body shakin’ and my knees are weak.
Not sure I’m standin’ on my own two feet.
It scares me to death, but it’s what I seek.

Bless my soul, I’m in Love. I’m all shook up.
What I am, with you. In Love. All shook up.

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, and your Penthouse.
I’m no longer your society whore.
You can’t tell me, while I’m caged, ‘I’m well placed’.
I’m going out to the crowd, to live more.

Away from your phony, mock-Hollywood.
Away from those mattresses, feather down,
to find where my future lies. Hope it’s good.
Beyond the Yellow Brick Road, ’ be around.

Go. Go, go. I intend to go right now.
Go. Go, go. Where to? I’ll find the place meant.
Maybe you’ll be sad to lose me, just now,
but plenty like me to be found, with rent.

Mongrels who, by you, can be bought and sold.
Leaving all that. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.

I’ll Remember.

This is a lovely day. It is a day
I will remember the day I’m dying.
They can’t take it away …. take it away.
The waves, the shore, and the sea-birds crying.

Some think that for all happiness, must pay,
for who’s to say if fate will keep smiling.
But a memory of this day will stay.
With me always, like a silver lining.

This is a lovely day. My lovely day.
If up ahead, the ship I’m on goes down,
and I’ll not be able to get away,
still have this flag for flying, safe and sound.

I’ll remember. I’ll remember, and say
this was the lovely day. Our lovely day.

From Three Songs.

Here I am wanting to live forever,
loving you whether we’re close or apart.
And it seems to be magical splendour,
the effect that you cause around my heart.

Forever, and ever, you’ll be the one
who shines as brightly as the midday sun.
Ever and ever. Forever begun
with you my love. Eternally, the one.

Falling in love with love is make-believe.
Falling in love is like playing the fool.
That message, though, unable to receive.
Until love falls out with me, it will rule.

It’s so, I want it to be forever.
Begin by singing ‘magical splendour’.

Funny, familiar ....

Funny, familiar, forgotten feeling
returns reawakened. Hurt revealing.
From before, fell in on me the ceiling.
Free flowing love, then like blood congealing.

Remembered how our relationship felt.
Rogue memory, from the time it was good.
Prior to the rotten hand being dealt.
You then moved on. Could not stay with deadwood.

I have tried to forget the tenderness;
to avoid recall of all those kisses;
my happiness in your super caress.
No point in me dwelling on near misses.

But, along comes that feeling from back there.
Funny, familiar! Forever to care!

Halcyon Days.
(Homage to ‘Parisian Days’ by Gary Moore & Phil Lynott.)

As I’m looking back on that photograph,
I am reminded you’re not coming back.
But, also, all those times we loved and laughed
But they’re gone too, and they’re not coming back.

Happy then, but nothing forever stays.
I think of it as much more than a phase.
Thoughts of you, my joyful memory plays.
Our time together there, halcyon days.

I remember us walking in the rain;
sitting in the sun;  singing a refrain.
I accept it can never be the same.
What was perfection, will not come again.

That sight of us, puts my mind in a haze.
Recalling with Love, those halcyon days.

Old Song. End of my World.

You’re my world. You’re everything I take.
Without you, you know that my heart would break.
Stay with me then, I plead, for goodness sake.
I am hoping for that, it’s not too late.

You’re my world. My every day and night.
This love for you, it seems to me, is right.
Could not bear it if you were beyond sight.
I would resist that with all of my might.

You’re my world. With every step I take.
You’re my world. With every move I make.
If you are not, that, a tragic mistake.
Never again could my life be called great.

If this love that we have ceases to be,
then, surely, the end of my world for me.