Todmorden Sonnets Edition 3

Concluding Sonnets

The Suspect Man.

The Suspect Man is under suspicion,
but he is not the man responsible.
It may be because of indecision,
or false belief that guilt demonstrable.

The Target Man is there to be shot at.
Arrows and bullets ready to be fired.
The bullseye, as if a matter of fact,
but evidence leaves lot to be desired.

The Alienated Man, surely strange.
Perhaps perverse, disgruntled, or a grudge.
A reason … ,  a cause … , in mind, could arrange.
Disillusion, though, not add up to much.

The Stereotype Man. Pin on, if can.
Put under surveillance, The Suspect Man.


For me to know, and you not to find out,
what is personal and private to me.
Only I should know what it is about.
If someone else involved, their privacy.

Don’t want spying that’s opportunistic,
to be utilised to dishonour me.
Or, pawed over in way voyeuristic,
with the right to, only temerity.

Involved in crime, means will be examined.
And if justifiable suspicion.
But now, far beyond what first imagined.
Checks on huge numbers, been the decision.

And records kept which cannot be challenged.
A state of intrusion has been fashioned.

The Only Hope Is Love.

The only hope is Love. The redeemer.
It makes one not so alone, the sharing.
In this hard world, kindlier, not meaner.
The chance for caring, and not despairing.

The only hope is Love, amidst it all.
The resentment, rejection, dis-regard.
Instead showing human good, after all.
In which to grow. Otherwise, this retard.

Love is the only chance to save the world.
And to save me and, I think, you as well.
The hatred and harshness can be dispelled.
Make happier, as far as I can tell.

The only hope is Love, with its effect.
In varied versions, brings the best prospect.

I Can Do It.

You can do it. You can complete the work.
Can finish well where it looked unlikely.
Never been one to give up or to shirk.
Get to the place where it’s done, quite rightly.

An ending that’s rounded, not unfinished.
A completion that contains fulfilment.
Acceptance that alright, undiminished.
Open about, not ugly concealment.

I can do it. I can get a good end.
Regrets can be allowed to dissipate.
Self-criticisms in play, can suspend.
To my greater good, then assimilate.

I can do it. I can have it all done.
Leave to become what, by me, was begun.