Todmorden Sonnets Edition 3

Sonnets On The Theme
"Diatribes (Political)"

“That death means so little …”

Her best line starts, “that death means so little”
“to those who lead and tell us what to do”.
Rest of her poem, I do not recall.
About cherries, pie, World Wars One and Two.

But that line is insightful, extremely.
Others’ death, to those who lead, near thoughtless.
If challenged, later blamed; say unseemly,
But decided discarding the distress.

A tribal, … false … patriotism sought
for ruthless killing justification.
For them, war’s not the very last resort.
Propagandists perverted elation.

Deaths’ awful, and for their loved ones despair.
Funeral flag at home: Foreign! Don’t care.


Belligerent. Think that omnipotent.
Warlike, the primordial demeanour.
To others’ interests, indifferent,
except to push aside in act of war.

The raison d’etre, militaristic.
Massive explosions and use of brute force.
Capability, mighty sadistic.
Unleashed, brutality, to run its course.

Hardly glory. Hardly heroism
as drones target missiles to mutilate.
Stockpile of murderous mechanisms
with much the same purpose, and end, relate.

War, then, politics that’s overbearing.
Always, the belligerent preparing.

The ‘Hustle’. The Rip Off Classes.

Ours, has become a State run by, and for,
a cluster of greedy, rip-off merchants.
Yet, ‘merchants’ implies there’s trade at its core,
but huge profits at taxpayers’ expense,

mostly for poor, low-value performance
in a rigged system where the State forks out.
That all crooks together, the importance.
Protection …Promotion … money paid out.

Privatising to this set of ‘scroungers’
gives them a role as supportive bolster,
so their politicians do not founder.
The super-rich binding themselves closer.

Feudal, and Crony Capital, fusion
means theft, and deception, and delusion.

The Establishment.

Entrenched, and deeply powerful as well.
Capable of inflicting hurt if choose.
Use force way beyond the division bell.
‘In national interest’ will abuse.

It is self-interest predominant.
For that, can focus to crush challenges.
Subtle. Crude. Brought to bear, concomitant.
With high-paid cronies to front, manages.

The State, and the media, to its will.
Feudal allegiance. Capital and Class.
To protect, means available to kill
or disable in ways that meant to last.

The Establishment, with its venal side,
rule; and upon use of fear can decide.

Money from Money.

It is an intellectual puzzle.
Also, too, it’s a political one.
To make money from money. The hustle.
Charging a high rate to those who need some.

The paper assets accumulating.
The build-up of credit in the accounts.
A lot got lit-up. Illuminating,
with, suddenly, it there in huge amounts.

I do not know about this business;
loan ‘sharking’ or speculative trading.
Some risk, no doubt, but curve is an increase.
The high cash returns has the risk fading.

So, like gambling, not lose taking the bets.
But why get such reward, strains intellect.

Resources Divide.

The colonisation of resources.
Land and water into few, private hands.
Owners have with them powerful forces.
Discourage dispossessed from making stands.

And it’s corporate, as well as feudal.
Agri-industrial for less labour.
Wage and conditions, of those used, awful.
Just a step above being slave labour.

Told accept subjugation to survive.
More dependant, ‘though it’s land they’ve been on.
At a pretty low level, stay alive.
Punished severely if deemed to be wrong.

Across the globe, such stark inequity.
Monstrous. From possession, iniquity.


Trident. Immolation for the nation.
Burn, baby, burn, .. if don’t evaporate.
Vaporization, an indication.
Its raison d’etre to exterminate.

Come friendly warhead and fall on London.
We will understand it was a mistake.
To smouldering rubble without reason.
Much of the capital, no longer great.

Maybe still okay, some distance away.
Then, just ten million exfoliate.
Drunken missile lands. They were in its way.
Explosion. Terminate. Eviscerate.

Was not an election issue, Trident.
Its mazy way, that hazy day. Load spent.

War, Again.

Intervention yet again in Iraq.
They must be really crazy going back.
Don’t like the religious there, so attack.
Is it decency or sense that they lack?

The invasion our people did not want.
The mal-administered occupation.
‘Divide and Rule’, then chosen component
which used with withdrawal obligation.

Break-up of the country, a consequence.
Arming fanatics across the border
made it happen. Now “threat to our defence”,
and ‘to have their own state, out of order’.

All those lives lost and treasure spent; what for?
To be told ‘as bad, or worse, now. Our war!’.

Shallow Democracy.

A shallow democracy with little
legitimacy. Popular support
largely absent. Claim that represent all
bogus. The systems for power distort.

Don’t speak for me, those who rule this country.
Inequality, foreign policy
views, not theirs, treated perfunctorily,
but pretend all agree, dishonestly.

The consensus they set, no one asked me.
If pushed , will pretend a majority.
Regard for the people desultory,
whilst their class groupings, a minority.

Prime Minister, plenipotentiary.
Ministers, tinpot. All antiquity.

Make a Difference?

Individual, insignificant?
It would seem so, from many perspectives.
Make life change? Ends up little different.
Mostly by accident, expect it is.

Up to ones ego in pride and hubris,
the thinking that of wider importance
than to oneself; body and soul and bliss.
Keep projecting out when should have more sense.

But then a miraculous happening.
A Love, a child, a dependant being.
Beneficiary. Good cause beckoning
that not fully aware of or seeing.

And the contribution, marvellously,
Can matter, done altruistically.

The Paedophile Army ???

A bullet hole in the baby’s forehead.
An atrocity! An atrocity!
Hundreds of other civilians dead
The truth shames the words of hypocrisy.

The Israeli war in the Gaza Strip
is murder. Murder! It is mass murder!
The proper words to describe it. They fit.
But truth, and justice, not taken further.

“Precision” America’s Kerry says.
Hospital, with wounded children, blown-up.
“They want to be killed” defence ‘expert’ says
on BBC World. Credence to a nut.

‘Paedophile’ child killers; just tribe not sex.
See murdered baby, and put in context.